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Episode #40 – ‘Stu Sutcliffe – The Abstract Beatle’

The Beatles’ diminutive co-founder, man of mystery, king of cool, abstract artist, fragile angel, tragic hero. Stuart Sutcliffe’s short life has been well documented, based on the recollections of some who knew him. His image has been immortalized by fiancée Astrid Kirchherr’ iconic photos. His expressionistic paintings survive on canvas. And his voice can be […]

Episode #39 – ‘Get Back—A Deeper Dive Pt. 2’

Having immersed ourselves in the ‘Get Back’ intra-band dynamics—the politics, the personalities, the nuanced behaviours, the trivia—we now analyze this remarkable docuseries from the respective, related perspectives of studio musician, composer and producer. Which is why, while Erik takes a break, Richard chats with Craig Bartock, who’s all three rolled into one—as well as a […]

Episode #38 – ‘Get Back – A Deeper Dive Pt. 1’

A discussion about what we’ve learned—and what’s still missing—from the eight-hour release. When it comes to unseen Beatles material, greed is good. Like Peter Jackson, we want to see a 12-hour Director’s Cut. This episode starts with Paul’s November 3, 2021 NPR interview by Terry Gross, describing his concerns and subsequent feelings about the three-part […]

Episode #37 – ‘Get Back – Pt. 3 Review’

The final installment of our trilogy, recorded immediately after Part Three of the Get Back documentary began streaming on the Disney+ channel at three in the morning on November 27, 2021. Only at the last minute did all four Beatles agree to perform on the roof of their Apple headquarters—and, when that happened, it’s a […]

Episode #36 – ‘Get Back – Pt. 2 Review’

The second of our three review episodes, recorded immediately after Part Two of the Get Back documentary began streaming on the Disney+ channel at three in the morning on November 26, 2021. After George agrees to rejoin the group, there’s a definite improvement in energy, attitude, atmosphere and musicianship—especially after keyboardist Billy Preston joins the […]

Episode #35 – ‘Get Back – Pt. 1 Review’

The first of three review episodes, recorded immediately after each part of the Get Back documentary began streaming on the Disney+ channel… at three in the morning on November 25, 2021. Finally, after more than 50 years, does this tell the true story of the Twickenham sessions?

Episode #34 – ‘Let It Be 2021 Review – Take a Bad Film and Make it Better’

In the run-up to the premiere of the three-part ‘Get Back’ documentary on the Disney+ TV cable channel, we decided to give the original ‘Let It Be’ quasi-documentary yet another watch. At this point, there were no surprises, but certainly a fresh perspective in light of the previously unseen outtake footage that’s been included in […]

Episode #33 – ‘The Beatles Live! Great Recorded Performances 1963-1966’

Whereas, according to John in 1970, The Beatles “used to jump around and do all the things they’re doing now, like going on stage with toilet seats and shitting and pissing” when they were in Hamburg, everything changed when fame and fortune came knocking. “As soon as we made it, we made it, but the […]

Episode #32 – ‘Girl – Anatomy of a Song’

Lennon the storyteller, the cynic, the victim—of his own insecurities and desires, controlled by the woman of his dreams…and nightmares. The last song recorded for The Beatles’ Rubber Soul album, ‘Girl’ is one of its main composer’s most intriguing, sophisticated, nuanced lyrical efforts—brought to life by a young conversationalist’s charismatic, world-weary voice, wrapped inside tits, […]

Episode #31 – ‘Sex, Love and Misogyny – The Beatles in Song’

The Beatles’ songs often have such creativity, depth and nuance. Lyrics open to multiple interpretations, married to music that simultaneously captures and conveys the ‘feel’ of those lyrics. Here, together with sociologist Candy Leonard, author of the book ‘Beatleness: How the Beatles and Their Fans Remade the World’, we discuss the songwriters’ journey: from the […]