Episode #23 – ‘Crying, Waiting, Hoping – The Beatles’ Decca Audition’

The music, the inspirations, the motivations, the performances, the reservations, the fallout… as well as the cloak-and-dagger story behind how the session tape was bootlegged. Here’s what really happened behind the doors of Decca’s Broadhurst Gardens studio in northwest London—as well as in altogether more covert circumstances on the other side of the Atlantic more than a decade later.

The Music

  • ‘Money (That’s What I Want)’ – Barrett Strong, The Beatles
  • ‘The Sheik of Araby’ – Joe Brown, The Beatles
  • ‘Memphis, Tennessee’ – Chuck Berry, The Beatles
  • ‘Three Cool Cats’ – The Coasters, The Beatles
  • ‘Sure to Fall (In Love with You)’ – Carl Perkins, The Beatles
  • ‘September in the Rain’ – Dinah Washington, The Beatles
  • ‘Take Good Care of My Baby’ – Bobby Vee, The Beatles
  • ‘Till There Was You’ – Peggy Lee, The Beatles
  • ‘Crying, Waiting, Hoping’ – Buddy Holly, The Beatles
  • ‘To Know Her is to Love Her’ – The Teddy Bears, The Beatles
  • ‘Besame Mucho’ – The Coasters, The Beatles
  • ‘Searchin’’ – The Coasters, The Beatles
  • ‘Like Dreamers Do’ – The Beatles, The Applejacks
  • ‘Hello Little Girl’ – The Beatles, The Fourmost
  • ‘Love of the Loved’ – Cilla Black, The Beatles
  • ‘How Do You Do It?’ – The Beatles