Episode #24 – ‘Walking on Thin Ice – Did Yoko Really Help to Break Up The Beatles?’

50 years after The Beatles’ demise, Yoko Ono is still portrayed online and by the media as the quintessential witch who broke up a famous relationship and ruined a great thing. But did she really earn this reputation? And, if not, should she shoulder at least some of the blame for the group’s demise?

A multi-layered topic, it sparks a lively conversation and clashing opinions, punctuated by The Beatles’ own recollections and a predictably eclectic collection of tracks.

The Music

  • ‘No Bed for Beatle John’
  • ‘The Ballad of John and Yoko’ (Take 7)
  • ‘Yer Blues’/‘Whole Lotta Yoko’ (The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus)
  • ‘Who Has Seen the Wind?’
  • Beatles/Yoko Jam (Jan. 10, 1969)
  • ‘What’s the New Mary Jane’
  • ‘Remember Love’
  • ‘Don’t Worry Kyoko’ (The Toronto Rock and Roll Revival)