Episode #30 – ‘It’s All Too Much – David Stark, the Beatles Zelig’

Sitting directly behind—and chatting with—The Beatles at the Yellow Submarine premiere, also gatecrashing that for The Magic Christian, photographed behind John and Yoko walking into court following their pot bust, attending The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus, asking Ringo out for a drink, eating Aunt Mimi’s egg and chips… and also attending a couple of Swinging Sixties Beatles concerts.

These are among the “he did what?” stories recounted by David Stark in his eye-opening, sometimes jaw-dropping, I-was-there memoir, It’s All Too Much—Adventures of a Teenage Beatles Fan in the ’60s and Beyond. He was a kid with nerve and know-how who manufactured his own luck; now he’s a music biz veteran with tales that might be considered tall if he didn’t have the photos to back them up. (He does.)

This guy’s The Beatle Zelig. And now he’s popped up on our show.

The Music

  • ‘It’s All Too Much’
  • ‘Lovely Rita’
  • ‘Hey Bulldog’
  • ‘Yer Blues’
  • ‘Gold Songs’ – written and co produced by David Stark (drums); featuring Ben Champniss (vocals), Dzal Martin (slide guitar), John Hamilton (bass, keyboards, co-production) and Phil Nelson (backing vocals).

The Book