Episode #34 – ‘Let It Be 2021 Review – Take a Bad Film and Make it Better’

In the run-up to the premiere of the three-part ‘Get Back’ documentary on the Disney+ TV cable channel, we decided to give the original ‘Let It Be’ quasi-documentary yet another watch. At this point, there were no surprises, but certainly a fresh perspective in light of the previously unseen outtake footage that’s been included in the new ‘Get Back’ teaser and trailer.

After all, why was the original movie—shot on 16mm for TV but screened in cinemas—edited so crudely, with no through story, no narrative, just what appeared to be rehearsals for the concluding rooftop concert? And why the downbeat framing that was supported by the subsequent negative Lennon and Harrison recollections of events? There was plenty of unused footage featuring smiling, joking, happy Beatles; contrary to unsubstantiated assertions, John wasn’t disengaged and largely strung out on heroin; and Yoko, silent and unsmiling throughout the film, was anything but in reality.

As an addendum to this show, there will be a trio of ‘Get Back’ review episodes, each going live within 24 hours of the respective TV broadcasts.

The Music:

  • ‘Two of Us’
  • ‘I Me Mine’
  • ‘Don’t Let Me Down’
  • ‘Let It Be’
  • ‘Get Back’