Episode #39 – ‘Get Back—A Deeper Dive Pt. 2’

Having immersed ourselves in the ‘Get Back’ intra-band dynamics—the politics, the personalities, the nuanced behaviours, the trivia—we now analyze this remarkable docuseries from the respective, related perspectives of studio musician, composer and producer. Which is why, while Erik takes a break, Richard chats with Craig Bartock, who’s all three rolled into one—as well as a diehard Beatles devotee.

This show speaks to our heroes’ artistry. And to our passion.

The Music:

  1. I’m So Tired
  2. Medley: I’m Ready/Save the Last Dance for Me/Don’t Let Me Down
  3. Two of Us/Get Back
  4. Across the Universe
  5. Shake, Rattle and Roll
  6. Get Back

Background jingling by Lucy.