Christmas Message 2017

(Produced by Erik Taros)

Christmas Time is Here Again (The Beatles Naked Remix)

Mother Nature’s Son

What is Life (Something Reimagined)

Episode #1: ‘John Lennon’s White Album’

Who else but The Beatles could produce multiple landmark albums within a landmark album? While A Hard Day’s Night was the only Fab Four long player to be penned solely by Lennon and McCartney, the ‘White Album’ can be enjoyed and analyzed as either a classic team effort or – in line with John’s recollection of the recording sessions – virtuoso individual outings within the group context.

In this first instalment of an STTS ‘White Album’ trilogy, musician Craig Bartock and musicologist Allan Kozinn join Richard and Erik to delve into the talents, circumstances, mindsets and motivations behind an edgy, experimental, bold and beautiful collection of eclectic John Lennon tracks.

Any Road (Through the Years)

Young Boy

Cheer Down

Nobody Loves You (When You’re Down and Out)